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Beyond Beauty Cosmetic clinic offers patients the highest quality of service; surgeons who specialise in breast surgery procedures at leading London based consulting and operating venues. We understand the value and unique qualities of every patient’s journey and provide excellent support for all our patients. We have a 24 hours support hotline in case of any emergencies during the recovery period post surgically and state of the art operating facilities.

What’s more our surgeons pool together a combined wealth of over 20 years operating experience and service as consultant cosmetic surgeons. Their innovations in the field of breast surgery make them an unrivalled choice of surgeon. They famously introduced the ABBA breast lifting technique which minimises both scarring and recovery time. They have taught as well as practiced teaching trainee surgeons. They are fully UK trained and signed up to a specialist register which monitors and audits their performance; any sign of patient negligence would result in an immediate operating ban.

Our Breast Implants and Surgery come with a lifetime guarantee

It is worth mentioning that at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic we only use Nagor implants which carry a lifetime guarantee. They are insured against rupturing and are in our opinion the safest and most dependable choice on the market. You can trust our opinion, with over 20 years patient satisfaction we know what makes for a good surgical grade breast implant.

There are two main profiles of breast implant available in a full range of sizes, your surgeon will be able to best advise you which implant size will fit perfectly for your body.

With Beyond Beauty Cosmetic we combine effortless luxury with  the best, most experienced cosmetic surgeons based in London, with convenience of strategic consulting locations throughout the UK.

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An Overview Of breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation - Also known as breast enlargement. This surgical procedure is perfect for patients who are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts. Assymetrical and eneven breast can be corrected through the insertion of breast implants. There are many oprative options available your surgeon will be able to advise you on the type of implant size available to your unique case. This surgery can also be combined with a mastopexy (breast uplift) or nipple correction.

Breast Reduction – Is an ideal surgical procedure for women who desire to have their breast reduced in size. The procedure is done by removing unwanted excess fat and skin tissue and is a popular procedure amongst women of all ages.

Breast Mastopexy – Otherwise known as a breast uplift is a great procedure when the patient wishes to remain at the same breast size but would like to have a decent level of firming and lift. There are no breast implants involved as standard but need to be considered depending on the patients desired outcome.

Breast Implant Exchange – An increasingly popular operation which involves replacing or removing existing breast implants. Women have the procedure due to a number of different reasons ranging from purely aesthetic to medical. Are surgeons are famous for successfully correcting a number of botched breast implant operations as a result of the previous surgeons negligence.

Inverted Nipple Correction surgery – This procedure involved addressing an issue which an estimated 20% of women are affected by to a certain degree of severity. Most women who opt for the procedure do so for more than aesthetic reasons.