Breast augmentation surgery or breast enlargement surgery is ideal for women who are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts. It is a surgical procedure using breast implant prosthesis inserted in the breast in order to address the concerns of the patient. Breast augmentation surgery is also used to address uneven, asymmetrical or misshapen breasts.

Your surgeon will expertly select the appropriate breast implants in order to achieve your desired size and shape. Our surgeons pride themselves on being able to achieve a natural looking result that will keep people guessing (the Daily Mail referred to this a super boob job).

At Beyond Beauty Cosmetic we understand the important of a tailored approach and treat each patient on an individual basis. Our team of expert surgeons and support staff will be able to give you the time and care you deserve.

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Why Choose Beyond Beauty Cosmetic for Breast Augmentation surgery

Though it is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the UK it is worth noting it is not without possible risks. However you can rest assured when booking a consultation with any of our surgeons your satisfaction is guaranteed, find out why Beyond Beauty Cosmetic is the best clinic to perform your breast augmentation surgery in London with highly skilled and professional UK surgeons completing the procedure.

If anyone’s thinking of getting their boobs done I strongly advise you to use Beyond Beauty Cosmetic. Mr Miles Berry was so assuring and amazing! – Lateysha Grace, 21, Breast Augmentation 

All surgeons at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic have been carried out many successful Breast Augmentation surgeries and are all fully UK trained, accredited and audited.

If you feel ready for a breast augmentation surgery consultation, please contact our clinic today! If you would like to find out more information have a look at the most commonly asked questions about breast surgery answered below. If you cannot find the information you are looking for we welcome you to call in on 020 7952 6900

We are looking forward to providing all our patients a most pleasurable experience.

More questions about breast augmentation surgery


Questions about Breast Augmentation Surgery?

As well as having one of the world’s leading breast surgeons in Miles Berry, we also have a highly experienced team to assist and provide any support you may need before and after your surgery. We have pioneered the American Antibiotic Breast Augmentation (ABBA) procedure to minimise the chance of capsular contracture, and we pride ourselves on expert advice and aftercare.

We find average cost a patient pays for Breast Augmentation surgery varies between £4,500 and £5,900. This is the total price which includes all the added extras as standard.

At Beyond Beauty Cosmetic the price you pay for your procedure includes your initial and follow up consultation, hospital fees and surgeons fee. If any revisions or follow ups need to be carried out the cost will include that in the price.

We only use Nagor breast implants which carry a lifetime guarantee. We also famously carry out a large number of breast implant exchange procedures. If you need more information check out our breast implant exchange web page.

Yes. Our surgeons carry out a number of breast revision surgeries including botched breast operations performed by other surgeons and also replace existing implants due to age or fault (such as the #PIP scandal). In any case we have got you covered.

Yes. Our surgeons carry out a number of breast revision surgeries including botched breast operations performed by other surgeons and also replace existing implants due to age or fault (such as the #PIP scandal). In any case we have got you covered.

Probably not, unless you want them to know! Our surgeon’s precision and surgical accuracy is such that leave you with results you can be proud of with minimal amounts of scarring. Furthermore our surgeons pride themselves on being able to provide our patients a truly natural looking result. To see more about what patients have said about their breast augmentation surgery results check out our patient testimonials and review section.

Yes. Our surgeons carry out a number of breast revision surgeries including botched breast operations performed by other surgeons and also replace existing implants due to age or fault (such as the #PIP scandal). In any case we have got you covered.

It’s for anyone who feels their breasts could be more symmetrical, bigger, higher or fuller. As the breast is composed mainly of fat and soft tissue, its appearance and size is influenced by age and weight, so there’s not much that can be done “naturally” to get bigger or firmer breasts. Surgery, if you’re in good overall shape, is a good option. Implants can also correct moderate droopiness.

Although any woman might think about breast augmentation, most of our patients are either younger women with naturally small breasts and older women who have found that pregnancy has affected the size and shape of their breasts. Most women are suitable candidates for surgery as long as they have reasonable expectations and as long as their nipples aren’t too low down on the breast.

If the nipple is lower than the crease of the breast then the women may find a new technique called the biplanar augmentation. During your consultation the team will discuss your best options, as well as explain the procedure itself, as well as the aftercare options.


Top Tips for Breast Augmentation

  1. Stop Smoking

    You would always be advised by a surgeon to stop smoking and drinking before undergoing a cosmetic procedure. Smoking affects the circulatory system which can increase the chances of infection or blood loss during surgery, whereas alcohol can affect the way your body reacts to anaesthetic. Smoking is also really damaging to collagen and elastic fibres that need to be in the best condition to help reshape the skin after fat removal and not leave it looking empty and sagging.

  2. Take the necessary time from work

    It is advisable that you take a few days of work post breast augmentation procedure. It is also advisable that you arrange for someone to pick you up from hospital.

  3. Daycase or Overnight stay?

    Although the procedure can be proceeded with as a day case we would advise patients to book an overnight stay. Our hospital location has private patient rooms where you can rest up post surgery in luxury.

Price Guide

There are many approaches to performing breast augmentation, your surgeon will be able to advise you which is most suitable in your instance. Depending on the type of implants you decide to have and type of procedure required will make a difference to the total cost of the procedure. However we can tell you that on average we find patients spending around £5500 GBP as a total cost for their breast augmentation procedure. It is worth noting that implant removal is considerably cheaper starting at £3000 GBP. * Removal of Implant from £2950 GBP * Implant Exchange from £3550 GBP *Capsulectomy (no new implant) from £4780 GBP * Breast Implant (Daycase) from £5290 GBP * Breast Implant (w/ Overnight stay) from £5655 GBP

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