Breast implants exchange or better known as breast implant removal is fast becoming one of the most popular reasons patients seek help from our team of professional London based expert cosmetic surgeons. If you are interested in initial Breast Implant surgery see Breast Augmentation, if you are looking to remove and replace your current breast implants read on!

There are many reasons people seek to remove their breast implants; due to being unhappy with results of a previous surgeon, changing the size of implants from small to big or vice versa, due to a infections or other medical reasons arising due to botched cosmetic surgery or simply because they have don’t desire to have breast implants anymore.’

We understand that each situation is completely unique and we approach the patient accordingly. During your initial consultation your surgeon will take time to ask you question in order to understand your desired outcomes from the breast implant removal or exchange surgery

Where PIP Breast Implant patients can find exchange & removal satisfaction!

For those people who have had the misfortune of being caught up in the scandal will reaslise there is no happy ending or magical alternative. Breast implant exchange or removal surgery is necessary. Fortunately our cosmetic surgeons will be able to correct any imperfections from previous surgery (if any) or will be able to perform the breast implant exchange surgery resulting in no visual change. This will ensure no obvious tell-tale signs of having had cosmetic surgery.

The only alternative to replacing the existing faulty breast implant with another functioning breast implant is fat transfer surgery. This involves using donor fat removed via liposuction taken from another part of the body, which is then inserted into the breast. Our surgeons will be able to advise you which procedure is most suitable for your situation.

Why Beyond Beauty Cosmetic surgeons are the best for Breast Implant exchange or removal surgery

We only use breast implants of the highest medical grade. The manufacturer Nagor promises a lifetime guarantee with all of its implants and from over 20 years operating experience our patients see no reason to dispute the question of the implant’s professional standard. We stock implants in every size and shape possible which your surgeon will present during your surgical consultation.

You can rest assured when booking a consultation with Beyond Beauty Cosmetic patient satisfaction is paramount, find out why Beyond Beauty Cosmetic is the best clinic to perform your breast implant exchange or removal surgery.

If anyone’s thinking of getting their boobs done I strongly advise you to use Beyond Beauty Cosmetic. Mr Miles Berry was so assuring and amazing! – Lateysha Grace, 21, Breast Augmentation 

All surgeons at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic have been carried out many successful Breast Augmentation surgeries and are all fully UK trained, accredited and audited.

If you feel ready for your breast implant exchange surgery consultation, please contact our experts today! If you cannot find the information you are looking for in the frequently asked questions below we welcome you to call in on 020 7952 6900

We are looking forward to providing all our patients a most pleasurable experience!


Questions about Breast Implant exchange Surgery?

Yes certainly, our surgeons have made many patients happy by performing secondary or revision breast surgery including the removal and replacement of faulty PIP breast implants.

Yes we offer a finance package for our patients. Please contact our staff to discuss your options today.

All surgeons at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic have been carried out many successful Breast implant exchange surgeries and are all fully UK trained, accredited and audited.

During your breast implant exchange surgery it will be possible to insert a different size or shape implant. Many patients who have this procedure are doing so because they are unhappy with the size and shape of their current implants due to botched surgery or a previous surgeons poor judgement.

Our surgeons will be able to discuss what options are available to you in regards to shape and size of breast prosthesis during your consultation.

Overall healing and recovery time of breast implant exchange surgery is of the order 4-6 weeks. Patients normally experience mild to moderate swelling which peaks two or three days after the cosmetic procedure, then disappears rapidly over the following weeks. Anything more is abnormal. Bruising is rare and the majority with a sedentary occupation are back at work within 2 weeks of the operation.

After your cosmetic surgery you may return to light, daily activities immediately afterwards, but it is wise to avoid strenuous exertion for a week or two. There will be some discomfort for the first few days, but regular paracetamol is usually adequate to manage the pain.

Our surgeons are very good at concealing and minimising scarring in regards to breast surgery. However it is difficult to say without having a consultation, due to previous breast surgery scarring may be unpredictable.

Already having a scar, you know that in the great majority it becomes a thin, pale line, but takes 12-18 months to completely mature. You should limit sun exposure for the first year, particularly during the most active phase


Cost of Breast Implants removal

Implant exchange surgery costs anywhere from £3500 up to £7000 GBP. At Beyond Beauty Cosmetic the cost we quote you for implant exchange surgery is all inclusive. We have different prices for the procedure depending on your individual circumstance. Implant exchange for any of our previous patients is cheaper than for new patients. Price will also be higher if you need help with a capsulectomy.

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