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Breast reduction surgery, technically known as a mammoplasty is when the surgeon removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue & skin in order to achieve a breast smaller breast resize that is not only in proportion to your body (aesthetically and psychologically beneficial) but also will alleviate physical discomfort problems attributed with patient who have very large breasts. It is a popular procedure amongst women who have finished puberty as the growth cycle of the breast has reached its maximum growth size at this point.

Beyond Beauty Cosmetic clinic recommend that all women considering Breast Reduction should book an initial consultation with one of our expert UK cosmetic surgeons. We have managed to help hundreds of women successfully reducing their breast size with a minimum amount of complications. As with all cosmetic surgery it is best time for the patient to speak with surgeon in order to discuss the desired breast size after surgery.

Emotional support throughout your patient journey

Cosmetic surgery is more than skin deep, we understand that large breasts affect our patients more than just physically. Many patients who opt for breast reduction surgery are doing so as much in favour of physical benefits as emotional. We are so proud to be able to provide this life changing surgery to so many women in desperate need of the surgery.

Because we understand there is no one better to advise you of the feelings and emotions you will experience we can arrange to put you in touch with patients who have breast reduction before. They will be able to advise you on what kind of feelings you will experience. It’s just another way we want to put the personal back into cosmetic surgery. Find out more about the patient referral system.

Find out Why Beyond Beauty Cosmetic surgeons are the best for Breast Reduction surgery

You can rest assured when booking a consultation with Beyond Beauty Cosmetic patient satisfaction is paramount, find out why Beyond Beauty Cosmetic is the best clinic to perform your breast implant exchange or removal surgery.

If anyone’s thinking of getting their boobs done I strongly advise you to use Beyond Beauty Cosmetic. Mr Miles Berry was so assuring and amazing! – Lateysha Grace, 21, Breast Augmentation 

Cosmetic surgeons at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic surgery London, have been carried out hundreds of successful Breast reductions furthermore, with over 20 years experience, their performance is audited and tracked by the GMC specialist register. Be sure your surgeon is UK trained and accredited!

If you feel ready to begin your breast reduction journey you need to book a with one of our experts! You can use the contact page or call in to discuss surgeon options with our highly experienced staff. We are looking forward to providing all our patients a most pleasurable experience!


If you are over the age of 18 and in good health with oversized breasts you might need breast reduction surgery. Your surgeon will be able to advise you at your consultation. If you are someone who suffers physical or emotional discomfort due to large breasts you may need to have breast reduction surgery. A consultation with one of our surgeons will help determine if you are a suitable candidate for surgery.

We recommend all patients having Breast Reduction surgery that it would be advisable to book 1-2 weeks of work in order to aid the healing process.

Patients having Breast reduction surgery should consider taking the necessary time to research the procedures and what it entails. You should also book the necessary time to come for a consultation and actual day of surgery. Patients should be in good medical shape and should stop smoking 2 weeks prior to the procedure.

Generally speaking women#8217;s breasts fully develop by the time she is 18 for this reason we believe 18 to be a minimum age for breast reduction surgery, there are exceptions. There is no real age limit as long as the patient is in good physical health.

Generally speaking our surgeons will do everything possible in order to minimise the scarring associated with breast reduction surgery. Although scars are unavoidable with breast reduction are surgeons know how to reduce the appearance of scars through years of successful operating experience. The scars will fade over time and are placed on the underside of the breast and around the nipple in order to leave as natural looking breast as possible. To many patients the idea of light scarring far outweighs the problems associated with large breasts.

Generally speaking if the surgeon is able to perform breast reduction surgery keeping the nipple and areola complex attached to breast tissue there is a large chance you should be just fine to breast feed after healing. Your surgeon will be able to advise you further at your consultation. The longer it has been since the surgery, the more sensation you are likely to have in your nipple and areola and the more milk you are likely to produce


Price Plan

The total price for breast reduction surgery at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic starts at £6500 GBP. This price includes all costs including hospital fee and hospital suite in the case you will need an overnight stay. At Beyond Beauty are surgeons are fully insured meaning in the case that something does go wrong and revision surgery is necessary the cost will be covered and you will not need to spend any more money for secondary breast reduction surgery. Your surgeon will be able to advise you at your consultation.

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