Inverted nipple correction surgery addresses the issue which an estimated 10-20% of women are affected by. Whilst many women have inverted nipples as a result of a congenital defect others can develop the condition through sudden and extreme weight loss. Inverted nipple surgery can be combined with any other breast surgery procedure including; breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast uplift (mastopexy surgery).

For women who have inverted or ‘shy’ nipples and still retain a level of normal biological function the surgery will be purely for aesthetic reasons. However we understand that in many cases the inverted nipples is not just aesthetically unpleasing but also; restrict or make breast feeding impossible, can become infected easily and cause much pain and discomfort. In this scenario the best solution is to operate.

How inverted nipples can be corrected with Cosmetic surgery

During your initial consultation your surgeon will be able to advise the best course of surgery depending on the severity level of your inverted nipples.

Physiologically inverted nipples occur due to shortened lactiferous ducts (used for breastfeeding) and fibrosis, which is when the body produces too many fibrous connections within the nipple resulting in an inverted nipple. Women who consider cosmetic surgery for their nipples have often considered all other options such as Avent’s Niplette’s. The surgery is normally performed under local anaesthetic (LA) which stings initially but provides for a totally pain free operating experience.

There are two main operative options:

Peri-nipple; An incision along with stretching the duct and/or division leaving a small (2 mm) scar. This is a reliable method, with a satisfactory treatment result in 95% of cases. Should recurrence occur, the operation may simply be repeated or a ‘flap’ technique used.

Areolar flaps; They are used to provide a hammock beneath the nipple. Whilst results are almost entirely guaranteed, it does leave visible scars on the nipple and breast-feeding will be impossible

Both techniques use absorbable sutures, which dissolve over the following weeks. Sponge dressings will be used to prevent the nipples being pressed back in.

The dressings should be left untouched and kept dry for a week. You should avoid any exercise or exertion for 1-2 weeks after surgery and you will experience some level of discomfort after the anaesthetic wears of. Pain can easily be managed post surgically using paracetamol. However the overall healing time will be 4 weeks at which point you will come in to see your surgeon for a follow up consultation to make sure everything is healing as it should.

A note on breast feeding & inverted nipple correction surgery

Whilst in many cases breastfeeding may not be possible in the first instance it is possible that surgery cannot help correct the issue either. In some rare cases the ability to breast feed is not possible after surgery as the duct need to be cut in order to restore the nipple projection.

What next? How to book an inverted nipple correction surgery

As with all Cosmetic Surgery procedure the first step is to book a consultation with one of our many expert cosmetic surgeons. At this point your surgeon will be able to advise you and answer any other questions you may need to know.

You can rest assured when booking a consultation with Beyond Beauty Cosmetic patient satisfaction is paramount, read why Beyond Beauty Cosmetic is the best clinic to perform your inverted nipple correction surgery

If anyone’s thinking of getting their boobs done I strongly advise you to use Beyond Beauty Cosmetic. Mr Miles Berry was so assuring and amazing! – Lateysha Grace, 21, Breast Augmentation 

If you feel ready to begin your journey book a consultation with one of our experts today! If you are still unsure or have more questions why not call in to discuss surgery options with our highly experienced staff who will be able to answer all you’re question.

A final word of warning; If your inverted nipples have appeared suddenly and are lumpy or produce a discharge please contact your local hospital and book a breast exam, this may be the first signs of a much bigger problem.


Before considering cosmetic surgery other options have often be considered. Most women will have tried suction devices such as Avent’s Niplette, but its success is limited by the patient’s anatomy.

Whilst in many cases breastfeeding may not be possible in the first instance it is possible that surgery cannot help correct the issue either. In some rare cases the ability to breast feed is not possible after surgery as the duct need to be cut in order to restore the nipple projection.

In order to achieve the best results from inverted nipple correction surgery patients should be in good medical health and not smoke 2 weeks before the procedure.

Patients should avoid strenuous activities for 1 or 2 weeks after inverted nipple correction surgery. Bruising is rare and the majority of patients we see are back at work within a week of the operation. Overall healing and recovery time is 4 – 6 weeks at which point you will be scheduled for your follow up appointment with your surgeon.

The actual surgery itself is pain free however patients should expect to feel mild discomfort after the anaesthetic wears of. Pain is easily managed using Paracetemol.

With over 20 years operating experience and a proven success rate, full UK medical accreditation hundreds of happy patients we would highly recommend our clinic. We are one of the few clinics in London with specialist surgeons in the inverted nipple surgery procedure.

The actual operation itself takes around 1 – 2 hours and the vast majority of patients are able to go home the same day.


Price Plan

Inverted nipple correction surgery starts at £2000 GBP with Beyond Beauty Cosmetic.

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