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Labiaplasty surgery is a popular procedure and is performed by our UK surgeons at Beyond Beauty. Our surgeons have performed hundreds of successful cosmetic surgery operations, have been interviewed and publicly quoted regarding the subject in the press and lectured as well as taught the procedure to upcoming trainee surgeons. All these things have given our surgeons the expert status they rightfully deserve. At Beyond Beauty Clinic you can be confident in our surgeon’s capabilities when it comes to performing this procedure, you can book a consultation now or if you would like to find out more please read on for more info.

Although they’re often referred wrongfully as the vagina, in reality the labia are the folds of skin that protect the entrance to the vagina. Labiaplasty is a procedure designed for women who want to surgically correct uneven or elongated labia, specifically the labia minora to be exact.

The needs of a labiaplasty patient are well understood.

We know well that most women opt for the labiaplasty procedure for functional reasons, or because they have been emotional traumatised by having a misshapen and/or low-hanging labia. We understand that these feelings of labia related distress and anxieties can prevent some women wearing bikinis or having relationships, while others suffer pain, tearing and are unable to pursue many sports.

The labia and vagina are very personal, delicate areas and so you need to find a surgeon you trust. It’s also worth noting that at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic you will only ever be seen by one surgeon and one nurse, we do this in order to maintain patient privacy and experience intimacy.

Due to the complexity and risks associated with the procedure we would also recommend you seek a cosmetic surgeon who has particular expertise in this field. Not all surgeons can perform this procedure! If performed correctly; your anatomy will be correctly preserved, scars will be hidden and you will experience a rapid return of normal sensations.

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The Labiaplasty Patient Journey explained

Like any Cosmetic Surgery procedure you will need to come in to visit one of our surgeons for an initial consultation where you will discuss the reasons for wanting surgery. You will be able to discuss expectations and will have a general health check performed by one of our nurses. If you are the right candidate for surgery we will arrange a date for your surgery.

If you are ready to go forward and book a consultation click here. To find out more details about the procedure please read and check the labiaplasty question answer section below. If you cannot find an answer for your question we welcome  you to call in to speak to one of our experience nurses or staff who will be happy to help you. You might also want to read our article the truth about abiaplasty surgery.


Labiaplasty is recommended for women over the age of 18, there is no real limit for in age for the procedure as long as the patient is in good health. Your surgeon will be able to advise you during your consultation.

The only way to reduce the size of elongated labia is with cosmetic surgery. Patients must carefully weigh up the risks associated with the surgical procedure to decide if it is right for them.

Patients should ideally stop smoking 2 weeks before the procedure and be in good health. It is advisable to take health supplements in particular vitamin C. Necessary time should be allowed for healing and after care.

Post-surgery it is advisable you take it very easy. There will be swelling in the area and unnecessary movement can delay healing! It#8217;s best to take a few days of work and rest with ice-packs. Are surgeons will carefully instruct you how to best heal post surgically in order to be back to daily routines quickly.

The actual labiaplasty surgery is performed at our London hospital location, it takes under an hour and is performed under general anaesthetic.

Healing times vary for every patient although we find it normally takes 4-6 weeks for patients to be fully healed after surgery. You should only undertake light activities for a few days, before you have a wound review with a nurse, after which you’ll probably be able to resume most normal activities. After six weeks your surgeon will review the procedure and you should be able to return to exercise and sexual activities

You’ll be discharged the morning after the operation, and any discomfort should be mild and easily controlled with paracetamol.

Our surgeons are experts at the labiaplasty procedure and will be able to give you a result where scars are hidden from view.

At the Beyond Beauty Cosmetic clinic we have surgeons who specialise in the Labiaplasty procedure. Their wealth of experience makes them the best choice for performing a procedure as delicate and intimate as the labiaplasty. We can put you in touch with patients who have been through the procedure and we are one the very few London cosmetic surgery clinics to have the convenience of a single operating and consulting location.

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners we use the latest gold-standard superior flap technique. Not all surgeons can perform this procedure, which results in hidden scars, preservation of normal anatomy and the rapid return of normal sensations. We use absorbable stitches to avoid the discomfort of suture removal and we also use a local anaesthetic block to prevent post-operative pain.

We provide all patients with a 24 hour customer care team in case of any emergency. In any case we have you covered. If you develop any problems and require revision surgery this will be included in the cost of the initial surgery.


Price Plan

The price of a labiaplasty varies from patient to patient however we find that on average our patients pay around £3000.

This includes the total costs of the operation including overnight hospital suite and all administration fees. In case of any problems we would be able to provide revision surgery at no extra cost.

Ask your surgeon for more details or call 020 7952 6900 our friendly staff will be happy to advise you.

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