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Rhinoplasty is the term given for cosmetic nasal (nose job) surgery, carried out to improve appearance and/or breathing.

With rhinoplasty surgery, the nostrils can be narrowed, the angle between the nose and lower lip changed, the shape of the nose tip can be changed, and the nose made bigger or smaller.

Rhinoplasty is a true art form, greatly testing the skills of plastic surgeons. It is almost a specialty in its own right, with several especially good surgeons, including those particularly skilled at correcting previous nasal operations – as is the case with our own surgeons.

The importance of personalised Nasal Surgery

Many celebrities show all too well, the unattractive effects of an over-operated nose, which we strive to avoid. No two noses are the same and it is not possible for you to request that your nose looks exactly like someone else’s. A surgeon can, and should, only do so much.

This is why pre-operative consultations are vital, with the best ones including computer morphing that allows the surgeon to demonstrate what they can achieve – which may not necessarily tally with your own expectations.

Beyond Beauty UK surgeons are experienced and professional in completing rhinoplasty surgery in London. To start your journey simply book a consultation with the team today.



A Rhinoplasty of commonly known as a ‘nose job’ is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed reshape and improve the aesthetic appearance of the patient’s nose.

Yes, a rhinoplasty as well as being a procedure designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose it can also be used to improve patients breathing. You should discuss options with your surgeon during your consultation.

A rhinoplasty is a great procedure for both women and men. Generally speaking there is no preferred candidate for the rhinoplasty procedure so long as the patient is over 18 years of age and in good health. You will have a full health check during your consultation to asses if you are suitable to have a nose job.

Patients who opt for a nose job usually want change the tip of their nose or the bridge of the nose, however are surgeons are experts at the rhinoplasty procedure and can effectively reshape the entire profile of the nose. You should discuss your expectations with your surgeon during your consultation.

Absolutely, our surgeons are able to change every aspect of your nose, however as with any cosmetic surgery procedure there are limitations and our surgeons know what to do to get the best and more natural looking results.

Generally speaking the procedure itself takes around 2 hours. Patients will be expected to come in for an initial consultation lasting around 30 minutes. After the operation the patient should come in for 2 follow up sessions; one to remove the dressing (at 7 – 10 days) and again for a follow up consultation usually at 6 weeks.

We advise patients to stay overnight in hospital, however in some cases it is not necessary

We would strongly recommend taking at least 1 week from work. Bruising and swelling is a normal part of the healing process as is wearing a special post-surgical nasal splint. Unless you want to give the game away to work colleagues we would suggest you take 2 weeks off work.

Usually you will experience bruising and swelling (and perhaps a sore throat) which subsides around 2 weeks after the procedure. At this point you will be able to see initial results. However a patient should wait a couple of months for the swelling to completely subside in order to see the final results of the rhinoplasty. From experience we find most patients manage to resume regular activities 10-14 days after surgery.

Our surgeons are experts at performing the rhinoplasty procedure and generally there is no visible scarring whatsoever. In other words your nose job will be totally undetectable unless off course you want to give the game away by telling your friends

In most cases our surgeons are able to perform secondary plastic surgery in order to correct mistakes results which have occurred due to a patients previous unsatisfactory surgery. With over 20 years of experience our head surgeon is an expert at the procedure, the first step is coming in for an initial consultation in order to discuss your expectations and to explain why you are unhappy with previous results. Certainly a LOT of patients we see at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic are patients seeking secondary or revision surgery for botched up cosmetic surgery.

As with most cosmetic surgery procedures experience is king. Knowing how to carry out a procedure is not the same as having carried it out hundreds of times on both men and women. Our surgeons have got the crucial practical experience and knowledge needed to know how to get the very best results from the Rhinoplasty procedure. Book you consultation today by visiting our contact us page or give our experienced staff a call who will be able to answer any further questions you may have.



Price Plan

The exact cost of your rhinoplasty procedure will be dependent on exactly what kind of nose job procedure you will have performed. However we can tell you that on average the total price paid by most patients is around £6000 GBP.

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