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Beyond Beauty Cosmetic London specialise in facial surgery. Our team have decades of experience of both practicing and developing cutting edge facial rejuvenation techniques that has made them experts in the field of facial surgery. We only use medical facilities of the highest grade and have succesfully managed to operate on thousands of very satisfied patients. This together with our superior patient support system including full medical imdemnity and insurance makes Beyond Beauty Cosmetic the best choice of clinic.

Our main operating and and consulting venue is the prestigious and well maintained London Welbeck hospital located in the renown Harley St. area. There are very few clinics that can offer you the benefit of same venue for both consultation and operation. Find out more about the locations available to our patients within the UK.

What facial procedures are on offer at the Beyond Beauty Cosmetic Clinic?

Truthully what we’ve listed are the most popular procedures are surgeons are requested for. Our surgeon are also capable of other procedures such as face lift, chin augmentations, brow lifts and neck lifts, if don’t see the procedure you require we advise you to contact us. Are surgeons are masters of innovating and tailoring techniques unique and specific to patient they are working on, because there truly should never be a ‘routine’ approach to surgery.

All Facial Surgery at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic

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An Overview Of Facial Surgery

There are many reasons why Beyond Beauty Cosmetic is the best choice for your facial cosmetic surgery treatment.  

Nose Jobs – More formally known as rhinoplasty surgery is the surgical reshaping of the nose. Patients can expect to get a very decent level of expected outcome. Surgery is performed under general anaesthetic as a day case, meaning the patient can go home the very same day.  Find out more information about rhinoplasty surgery.

Ear Pinning, technically referred to as otoplasty or pinnaplasty is the surgical treatment used to correct prominent or protruding ears. Commonly known as “bat ears” are present in 1-2% of the population. Although the ears do not cause the patient any physical problems, they may feel very self-conscious.

Eyelid surgery & Eye bag removal or better known as upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery is the alteration of the areas between the eyebrow and eye (upper blepharoplasty) and the removal of the eye bags (lower blepharoplasty) often associated with being old and give the patient a permanently tired expression.

Split earlobe surgery or stretched ear lobe repair is the surgical restoration of a normal looking earl one.