The term ‘glamour modelling’ brings to mind a certain image – a beautiful young woman who is as curvy as she is attractive. However, when even the queen of glamour modelling herself, Katie Price – aka Jordan – has had her breasts reduced is it the end of the road for the traditional view of the buxom glamour model?

The Lads Mag Culture

When The Sun ceased publication of Page 3 topless pictures after 44 years, Page 3 models past and present predictably lined up to voice their criticism. In newspaper interviews the models all said that Page 3 was a way of empowering women and a strike for feminism. Campaigners and critics however were united in the opinion that Page 3 had had its day. Regardless of this, there are still several popular publications which feature large-breasted models – Zoo, FHM and The Daily Star being among the most accessible. So it seems that there will always be girls who see an outsized chest as their ticket to riches regardless of any adversity that may result.

Katie Price, like others similarly encumbered, found that having enormous breasts brought a not inconsiderable amount of discomfort and decided they had to go despite being part of her image. But even at the age of sixteen, when she started her modelling career, she knew that the way to fame and fortune lay in her ever-expanding chest measurement and she came to embody the ‘lads mag’ culture.

Perhaps breast augmentation is still the preferred way for the girl thinking of a modelling career – whether a woman wants to go bigger or smaller. If so, then it is imperative that the right surgeon is chosen, who will offer the right care, time and advice. The surgeons at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic have the expertise to ensure a breast augmentation procedure is done for the right reasons and in a way that achieves a natural result.

Choose Breast Augmentation for the Right Reasons

Whether you are embarking on a modelling career or not, make sure you get the best advice possible before deciding to go ahead with breast augmentation. Experienced surgeons will guide you through the process beginning with the choice of implants and ending with fantastic aftercare – whatever size you choose to go.

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