From rhinoplasty to breast implants or liposuction and Botox… it’s in the news almost every week that another celeb has gone under the knife for whatever reason. It’s usually that nip or tuck that will give them a bit of confidence and enable them to remain youthful and stay relevant in a tough Hollywood environment. And it is really not surprising that in a world where the selfie rules all that celebrities are constantly scrutinised and called upon to own up about the plastic surgery they’ve undergone.
There were over 20 million cosmetic procedures performed worldwide in 2014, and what was previously seen as being very hush hush topic is now becoming widely spoken about. People will always have issues with their appearance and plastic surgery offers the chance to fix these issues in order to restore confidence. Celebrities promoting body confidence are now very open about the surgery they have undertaken as people look up to them and aspire to look like them, to not shy away from the fact they are not perfect. In this article we will be discussing some cosmetic celebrities who were outspoken about their plastic surgery.

Kaley Cuoco

kaley cuoco rhinoplasty surgery

Cuoco has never shied away from opening up about her decision to go under the knife. Making her fame on 8 Simple Rules and going on to be the star of hit show The Big Bang Theory she is used to comments about her appearance and didn’t hide the fact that she underwent breast surgery when she was just 18. Earlier this year the actress came under fire when she had surgery on her nose for sinus reasons to help her to breathe properly, commenting on her Instagram “This surgery is changing my life. With that being said, if I DID get a nose job, (which I didn’t) I would be shouting that from the rooftops as well.”

Iggy Azaelia

Iggy underwent breast surgery and rhinoplasty surgery in early 2015, and has been very open about the emotional journey she went through to come to a decision to go under the knife. Iggy has never been one to shy away from the cameras when it comes to talking about herself, as a body confidence promoter Iggy admitted she feels much more confident in her own skin following the surgery and it was a well thought out journey that meant a lot to her.

Olivia Coleman

“I have done Botox and I loved it”; the 41-year-old actress and star of Broadchurch was very open about her decision but initially kept it a secret from her husband. After the second season of Broadchurch finished the British starlet confessed to having Botox and admitted she does it when she knows there is a big gap between roles.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

dwayne johnson male breast surgery

Celebrity wrestler and actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson underwent gynaecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) for aesthetic reasons in 2005, as he started to focus more on the acting side of his career. Figures from BAAPS revealed that, in 2011, 790 men underwent this same procedure in the UK.

Ariel Winter

At 5’1”, it’s no surprise that having size 34F breasts would cause a few back problems and at just 17 years old Ariel Winter, star of hit TV sitcom Modern Family, chose to undergo breast reduction surgery. Not only was this for aesthetic reasons but it has also been a huge emotional journey for the starlet as she admitted it has completely changed her life. Breast reduction surgery is a big decision for anyone to make, but after suffering for so long, Ariel is finally in a position to make that choice comfortably.

Heidi Montag

heidi Montag plastic surgery

Finding fame with the likes of Lauren Conrad on reality TV show The Hills, Heidi Montag dramatically changed her appearance after going through several procedures including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and otoplasty (ear pinning).

Having discussed a few cases of celebreties being outspoken about the cosmetic procedures they have undertaken it is worth mentioning that in all cases cosmetic surgery is a serious matter not to be taken lightly.

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