When you’re considering cosmetic surgery the costings of the procedure can often play a big part in your decision making. However, it’s important to research your options and whilst it may be tempting, not to go for the surgeon who is boasting about the cheapest fees, or to opt to go abroad where language barriers, lack of aftercare and unqualified, unsafe clinics can make procedures problematic.

At Beyond Beauty Cosmetics we understand that in order to make these procedures more accessible, rather than lower the prices and in turn cheapening the procedure, we look to offer our patients the very best quality of service therefore we have comprehensive finance options available to our patients.


It pays not to skimp when it comes to cosmetic procedures, there is usually a reason why clinics like to entice their patients using special offers and suspiciously cheap prices for their surgical procedures. Take your time to research your chosen clinic before committing to a surgery, not only for the sake of the health of your body in future but also to give you peace of mind leading up to and following the procedure. You can also ask your surgeon for client testimonials from previous patients to help with your decision, and they should always be in a position to provide these.

Finance Options

Understanding the cost implications of your procedure is an important first step to take. At Beyond Beauty Cosmetic although we may not be the cheapest cosmetic surgery clinic on the market, our prices reflect the quality of the procedures on offer. We aim to be the premiere destination for young professional women and men seeking surgical and non-surgical treatments and as long as you meet the minimum requirements you can utilise our finance options to breakdown the cost of your cosmetic surgery to help you achieve the body you’ve always dreamt of.

Making cosmetic surgery more affordable to you is important; you don’t want to be out of pocket and struggling to make ends meet each month following your procedure, look for signs of recognition from official governing bodies and institutions, not only should your surgeon be recognised for their skill but also continually evaluated and audited in order to make sure these standards remain high. Remember, it’s your body that will be operated on, you will be putting your trust in someone to bring the best results for you. Click here for more information on the finance options we offer here at Beyond Beauty Cosmetics or give us a call, our friendly staff will able to answer questions you may have 020 7952 6900



    • Tracey Di valentine

      Can you advise prices for vaser lipo please. 1 area then 2 etc.?
      Thanks, Tracey

      • beyondbeautycosmetic

        Dear Tracey, can i suggest you call in to find out latest prices. Please call on 020 7952 6900 – thank you


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