Leah Ruddock patient case study; mini-abdominoplasty with liposuction and PIP Breast implant replacement surgery.

Leah’s Case Study: Leah Ruddock 34, model, busy mum of two children (ages 9 and 5), and wife of English former professional footballer, television personality and actor Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock, was lacking body confidence since becoming a Mum. Left with scarring and a bit of a tummy pouch following two C-sections, Leah wanted her old body back. Additionally she had PIP breast implants which needed to be replaced, so in July 2015 Leah underwent a total body transformation under the skilful hands of award winning Surgeon Mr Nick Percival FRCS. Leah opted for liposuction and a mini-abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and new Nagor breast implants. Thrilled with the results, her body confidence is restored and Leah can’t stop smiling.

The Breasts

Leah had previously had breast implants, however following pregnancy and breast feeding she found that her breasts had lost their natural perk and bounce. Effectively the skin became loose around the implants and furthermore Leah had been previously been fitted with PIP implants, known for their high rate of rupture. Guided by Mr Percival she decided to go for slightly smaller Nagor implants positioned under the breast muscle and a mastopexy (breast uplift) resulting in a new more natural, flattering shape and a reduced bra cup size from 34FF down to 34DD/E.

The photo below shows Leah’s breasts six weeks post breast implant exchange and mastopexy surgery

Leah Ruddock before and after breast implant exchange surgery photos

The Abdomen

Following the birth of her two children Leah suffered from stretched and loose skin around the tummy in addition to a highly visible C-section scar.

Leah has a mini-abdominoplasty with liposuction. Effectively the scar was excised and the skin around the abdominal region tightened, the liposuction addressed areas of the tummy with stubborn fat, that diet or exercise alone could not shift thus restoring Leah’s post pregnancy body.

Beyond Beauty Cosmetic surgeons delivered what could be considered as the ultimate mummy-makeover!

Leah is thrilled with results and highly recommends Beyond Beauty Cosmetic.

Video diary – Part 1 – Leah arrives at Beyond Beauty Clinic for her day of cosmetic surgery

In the above video Leah comes in for her day of surgery at our purpose built London hospital location.

Video diary – Part 2 – Leah has her 6 week follow up appointment

In the above video Leah comes in to see surgeon Mr Nick Percival for her six week follow up appointment following surgery.

Leah on her experience at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic

Following the birth of my wonderful two daughters, I was left feeling very insecure about my body. Things simply did not look the same as they did before I got pregnant and as a result it caused a severe blow to my self-confidence meaning that I found myself turning down modelling opportunities.

My Boobies

I was no longer happy about the shape of my breasts and felt that they were no longer in the position that they were when I initially had my first boob job.

I must admit I was very anxious because a mastopexy isn’t as straightforward as a breast augmentation but with Beyond Beauty and pioneering surgeon Nick Percival, I had NO worries.. They truly are the best in their field.

Tummy Time

I had loose skin and a very visible C-section scar which reminded me of the awful experience I had when giving birth, this was truly traumatic for me. I had long used various lotions and remedies to reduce the appearance of my scar, however these did not work.

A Summary of my Journey

Beyond Beauty and my surgeon Nick Percival are like my earth angels, they have made me feel good about my body once again and I cannot thank them enough for the amazing job and care I have received. Nurse Lindsey is brilliant- she has been in regular contact with me supporting me in my after-care, I will actually miss her daily phone calls!

My husband Razor Ruddock can see the difference in me both physically and mentally. Beyond Beauty Cosmetic have not just changed my body but my career and relationship with Razor too!

With the help of Beyond Beauty Cosmetic and my surgeon Mr Nick Percival, I now feel that I am the best possible version of me!


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