What do patients say about Beyond Beauty Cosmetic Surgery clinic

Many of our patients were so happy with their experience at Beyond Beautiful Cosmetic Surgery Clinic London, they offered to give us a public review. See what our patients have to say about the premium service that they received at our clinic. Currently we do not feature any before and after photos of our patients online. However they can be made available on request and certainly you will be able to see examples of your cosmetic surgeons work when you come in and meet them at your consultation.

At the moment we are busy organising our patient testimonial database, we are going through hudreds of reviews and selecting the best in order to feature on the Beyond Beauty Cosmetic Surgery website. For more information feel free to call us!

rhinoplasty london cosmetic surgery review

The happiness and confidence I have found after my operation is just incredible,  after feeling so inadequate with my form for years and years I feel so delighted with the results and feel I look completely natural in appearance. 

It was simply the best decision I ever made! And would recommend Miles every time. Absolutely wonderful!!!

– Rachel, 23, Breast Augmentation Augmentation

To say I am thrilled with the treatment and care received from the surgeon and staff at the clinic would be an understatement.  I have suffered no pain, and very little discomfort from the surgery.  Already my clothes fit and look better.  The difference it has made to me both mentally and physically is beyond my wildest dreams.  I walk around with a huge smile on my face all day everyday. My family can’t believe the difference in me since surgery.  Thank you so very much.

– Carol K, 29, Tummy Tuck


Lateysha has breast augmentation

My Life has changed so much for the better my personal esteem is so much better. Shopping is so much fun. To  be able to wear  clothes that i only ever dreamed of is amazing. To wear pretty underwear that does not roll under my belly.

These were things I only ever dreamt of. My hard work with Mr Berry’s and his team have now turned my dreams into reality.  My family and friends have been amazed at the results not only the results of the surgery but me as a person my confidence is so much better no hiding behind the camera anymore.

– Jan B, 24, Liposuction