See the results BEFORE the actual surgery with Crisalix 3D simulations

Please note we are currently not using the Crisalix system.

Using a 3D sensor and camera, our surgeons use the Crisalix 3D camera to take a series of photos which are interpreted by the computer program to recreate the patient’s face, body or breasts into a 3D scalable model on screen. For the first time in the history of patient consultations our surgeons are able to present you with a 3D simulation of what your new face, body or breasts will look like in order to give you the best possible preview of your cosmetic surgery result. You will be able to compare side by side what you look like before and after surgery.

Currently Crisalix allows our patients to see previews for the following cosmetic surgery procedures

Breast implants 3D preview by Crisalix

How do Crisalix 3D cameras work?

Your chosen Beyond Beauty Cosmetic surgeon will scan your body using an iPad with an attached 3D sensor and a few seconds later your full body will appear in 3D on screen. The surgeon can then simulate the surgical procedure with the actual implants they will use, in just one click; sizes, shapes and positioning can be adjusted to give you an accurate representation of the final surgical result on your very own simulated body.

Can patients use Crisalix to simulate the results?

Yes, alternatively patients can upload their photos to the surgeon’s custom profile on the Crisalix web-based platform, just a few minutes later they will be able to see their “before” 3D simulation. Our surgeons will also be able to access the image allowing them start working on simulations of what you will look like after surgery. This is extremely useful for remote viewing as well as giving our surgeons a better understanding of your expectations prior to the actual consultation at our clinic.


crisalix_3D compare results of size shape

Where can I book a Crisalix 3D consultation?

At Beyond Beauty Cosmetic we offer the Crisalix 3D simulations as standard to our patient’s consultation process at no extra cost. It really is a remarkable piece of technology and combined with our surgeon’s extensive knowledge of how a certain implant placement or procedure might look it really can give you, the patient an accurate visual representation of what the final result will look like.

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To find out about having Crisalix as part of a cosmetic surgery consultation get in touch with our friendly and experienced staff who will be able to advise you further and answer any questions you may have. Call us on 020 7952 6900 alternatively get in touch via our contact form on our website.

Crisalix is available in London for Nose Face Breasts and Body

Crisalix is recommended by The International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS), praising the significant progress its 3D simulation technology brings to the entire medical community, its educative feature contribution to a more informed decision-making process corresponds directly to IPRAS’ objectives in improving the care and treatment of every patient seeking plastic surgery.

Patient feedback has been equally impressive, the results of extensive surveys showed that 90% of women would prefer a plastic surgeon using a 3D simulator over a surgeon using standard methods for showing post-surgical results (bra and sizers). 99% of patients were either satisfied or very satisfied with the Crisalix 3D simulations they were provided with. 87.5% of the patients felt that Crisalix allowed them to express their desires and expectations to the surgeon. Visit our surgeons profiles on the Crisalix website, Mr Miles Berry and Mr Nick Percival on Crisalix.

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