Here at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic we know that it isn’t just about the final result. Those gorgeous lips you’ve always wanted or a breast size that you finally feel comfortable with are vital to ensure you have the confidence to live a truly fulfilling life. But, we also know that the journey you go through in order to reach that goal is of crucial importance. That’s why we strive to give all of our clients, no matter what procedure they are coming in for, a service that is second to none. With that in mind, we have developed our VIP Service, which we can guarantee – with the help of our UK fully trained and expert surgeons – is a service that each and every one of clients walks away with.

If you are considering a treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, the first thing you will need to do is book a consultation. You will speak to Julia, our admin, who gets to know all of our patients by name, so that when you call you don’t even have to introduce yourself. Chances are, she’ll probably recognise you by voice. From this consultation, the surgeon who specialises in your particular procedure, will talk you through the necessary steps needed in order for your procedure to be a success.

A personalized approach to patient care

Because our approach is so personal, we treat all of our patients as individuals and not as numbers. With many years of experience and wealth of knowledge, our surgeons are confident in practically any surgical instance, furthermore this wealth of experience is what allows our surgeons to provide you the ultimate tailored approach, something which every patient so desperately requires. Prior to operating, we can even produce computer aided morphed photos that will show you how the results will look. In addition, we will also give you a 2-week cooling off period (for surgical treatments) so that you have the time needed in order to come to a final decision. We can even put you in touch with previous patients who have had the surgery you are considering via our Buddy system, to get a more accurate insight into your particular type of procedure.

When you come in for your procedure and indeed throughout your patient journey you will have a dedicated specialist and nurse that will assist in making sure you are feeling comfortable and relaxed. The surgeon who you see for your consultation is the same surgeon who will be assigned to your case throughout your journey. We strongly believe at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic that this is of upmost importance so that your surgeon is with you every step of the way and knows your situation in thorough detail. The surgeon will meet with you prior to your procedure and you will be given your own room, which comes with a TV/wardrobe/bed/ensuite and much more. Everything happens under one roof, in the lovely surroundings of a convenient central London location. With a state of the art purpose built hospital, you will truly feel like a VIP when you come to Beyond Beauty Cosmetic.

Following on from your procedure, you will be given the best advice, post-operative medicine and provided garments that are specifically designed to your procedure, so you can heel in the appropriate way and achieve the best results you possibly can. Not only that but you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of our 24-hour patient hotline in case there are any problems or any questions you wish to ask. We always love to stay in touch with all of our patients so never be a stranger.

As standard with all patients, we offer a follow up consultation where we check each and every one of our patients. This is essentially a check-up so we can see whether you are healing correctly. We understand that everyone heals in different ways and at different paces so we want to be on the journey with you to make sure you have all the support you need.

Our VIP Service is a standard service that is available for all of our clients. However, should you require extra help in regards to anything else such as arranging for travel or any other special requirement we will be more than happy to oblige. All you have to do is call up and ask, it’s that easy. To start your VIP journey, call us on 020 7952 6900, or alternatively you can book a consultation. We very much look forward to meeting you to get you on the road towards the look you desire!